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parenting vs voting.

May 16, 2013

In BC, we just had a provincial election.  It was a bit of a tough one this year, (but isn’t it always) and although I’m definitely not going to ever talk about my political views on a mom blog, the voting process made me think of parenting.  And while you might be scratching your head wondering how that comparison can even be made…don’t worry.  I’ve outlined it below:

It’s Passed Down Through Generations – A lot of people I know are route for the same parties as their parents, because that’s just the way it’s always been.  Not unlike parenting.  So much is passed on from your mom, her mother and her mother’s mother.  “I used to rub brandy on your gums.  It’s fine.  Try it.”  (Does anyone drink brandy anymore?)  Although some advice is a little, um, nevergoingtohappeninmyhouse, other times there’s just nothing like Mom!

You Do The Best You Can, Even If You Fail – Voting is all about exercising your right to choose the political party that best represents your morals and values.  Or in this election, who’s probably not going to mess things up more.  Same goes with baby raisin’.  You never really know if your decisions are awesome. You just make them and hope that they all work out and you don’t mess up your kid for life.  This means you will fail.  Your party won’t get elected.  Your kid dissolves into a slobbering, screaming mess.  But, hey, at least you made a decision!  (And managed to make it out of the house to vote!)

You Will Feel Defeated Every Time – A really smart person once told me that if you feel defeated as a parent, you’re probably winning.  I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the same with voting.  Voting is half the battle.  You made it out there and cast what you thought was a decent vote.  It’s one thing to feel defeated, when even in your heart you feel like you made the right decision.

Either way, no matter how you cast your ballot, you have to go with your gut! What did you think of the election on Tuesday?

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