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April 10, 2013

usual day

If you’ve frequented my blog in the past, you’d know that I find things with ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ labels to be super irritating.  Some things are worse than others, especially when marketers slap ‘mommy’ in front of something to try to sell to a specific market.  For example, The Mommy Hook.  It’s not even really a hook per se.  It’s a giant clip.  And it WILL tip your stroller over, be forewarned.  Moving on.  The worst label of all time?  Mompreneur.

I think, personally, it’s kind of a step backwards for women.  We’re such great multi-taskers, and have proven in the last half century that we can pop out babies, hold down amazing careers and still manage to make dinner, soccer practice and necessary appointments.  Throwing the mom label in there insinuates it just a mom thing.  When it isn’t.  It’s a strong woman thing, bringing home the bacon (or the tofu, for the vegan crowd) regardless of children or not.  I read a definition on the term mompreneur here, and seriously guys?  It makes me mad.

A) It says it’s a solution for moms who don’t want to be a part-time parent.  When are you a part-time parent?  I’d love to argue that you’re a full-time parent regardless of your job status.  If you stay at home or not, you’re still a parent, 24/7.

B) I know it’s about putting kids first and changing your life to be able to be with them.  But who doesn’t do that?  Every mom and dad changes their life regardless of being home.  And for anyone who has ever tried to work with a kid in tow, (what’s UP!) worst idea ever.  The work is probably occurring over naptime or after bedtime anyway, so really…

C) By experience, taking on self-employment is an incredible amount of work, doubt, scariness and anxiety.  It’s not a novelty, like the label insinuates.  It’s hard work.  And I think we need to give ourselves more credit.

So…to all the moms out there busting their humps to provide for their families, in a conventional job or not, I salute you.  Here’s to making it happen, without a label.  xx.

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  1. Grannyfranny permalink
    April 10, 2013 9:47 pm

    Amen Sister!

  2. April 11, 2013 8:28 am

    Kindly refer to my new fave, Beyoncé, ‘s song, Girls. And I quote, “… strong enough to bear the children… and get back to business.” I’d mplore Beyoncé to come up with a term that we can all use and feel good about:)

  3. April 11, 2013 1:53 pm

    Great post, Steph! I’m not a mother but those terms also drive me crazy. I feel like it defines women primarily by their role as mothers. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being a mother but it seems to undermine their accomplishments as business people.

    And being self-employed / working from home is absolutely not a walk in the park that some think it is! Lots of hard graft indeed.

  4. May 20, 2013 8:36 am

    Well said! Thank you for writing this post!

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