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awkward post baby mullet hair

November 13, 2012

As I write this, I am frantically trying to tame my weird hair wings, as my straightener is still dead and my backup pulls my hair out.  Thanks to my pal, Crystal, this is all going to be rectified tomorrow, and I will be able to smooth out my post preggo hair imperfections once again.  (C has graciously offered me her old Chi straightener, and I accepted.  Thank you so much!)  I’m not sure why it happened or what the deal is, but I read somewhere that you grow a pile of extra hair because your hormones are on fire (true story) and then when the baby comes out, you lose it all and it comes out in giant clumps in the shower and on your pillow.  Unfortunately for me, more than just that new fun hair fell out and I did have  couple bald spots I was a little afraid of.  Well, fear not, as the universe (mother nature?) had other plans for me and my hair.  She gave me a mullet.  On top of my real hair.  You read that right.

I have this weird two inch haircut on top of my existing hair.  Imagine Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair, from the 80’s.  Yeah!  It’s like that. So until my awesome gift of a mullet grows out, I will be smoothing ‘er out and exercising my right to use product galore.  Tame the beast.

I wish I could show you what it looks like.  Wait…no I don’t.  From me and my mullet, I hope you all have a glorious day!! xx

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