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craigslist joe.

November 9, 2012

Tonight I watched a movie I had been wanting to see for a long time.  Craigslist Joe is basically about a guy who decides to live for 31 days exclusively off of Craigslist and travel the US.  The film’s purpose is basically to see if the human spirit and generosity still exists in the world of technology.  Proven.  It does.  And I think in the age of technology and social media, this is even more possible than it ever has been before.  You can put a bulletin out on Facebook, and usually someone can help you find what you’re looking for.  If you post something on Craigslist, you can reach a huge audience of people who will buy your dresser or look after your kid or even walk your dog.

I love things like this.  The human spirit never disappoints me.  It’s easy to focus on the bad things (Craigslist Killer, anyone?) but I think generally, good people are connecting with good people.  I’ve had some amazing experiences in my life, with people I don’t even know.  Check out the trailer.  It’s a good one.

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