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traveling avec baby.

November 4, 2012

I don’t think I elaborated about the actual travel part and being in Hawaii with a baby in my post about our trip to Lindsay & Greg’s wedding.  I had major plane anxiety leading up to the departure, and I was seriously sweating bullets hoping my kid wouldn’t be that kid.  I took the advice of some of my friends and packed food galore, so if anything, I could distract him with several food options.  I brought toys, soothers, his chickenfish, blankets, and his beloved Scout the talking dog.  Jack isn’t much of a ‘let’s sit still and enjoy the moment’ kind of kid, (do they exist?) so it was a bit hard to hold on to him the entire time.  Other than that, it was good and he was a silent Sam for most of the trip.

I made some of the best decisions I ever have.  I was toying with the idea of bringing an umbrella stroller, so it would be small and easy to carry.  I decided to bring my full size (Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle) because a) it reclines all the way and b) I know he will sleep in it in a pinch.  And you know with traveling, it’s not always about being in a place to nap or go to sleep at the same times every day.  Some other great features:  it goes on sand, it carried our stuff, and it was awesome for meals and naps on the go.  Contrary to what I thought, the plane people didn’t judge me for bringing a rocket ship sized stroller on the plane, in fact, there were BIGGER ones!  Yay!  I also brought a baby inner tube, which our neighbours lent to us.  Genius.  It made taking him into the pool so much easier!  Since we had access to a washer and dryer, cloth diapering happened too.  It was great, because a pocket diaper without the liner also doubles as a swim diaper.  In case you forget your swim diaper.  Hypothetically.  Thankfully Makenna had Jack’s back and lent him a couple of her diapers until I figured it out.  Thanks, girl!

Westjet was amazing with their checked baggage.  We got to bring an extra item over the allotted items (and they never charged us for it) and they were really nice and accommodating on both flights.  There were 400 kids on our flight, so that made it a little easier on the nerves.  We were all going to be trapped together on this aircraft.

Jack was amazing on the whole trip.  It was a bit challenging with the time change and sleeping, but we managed.  He ate pineapple, mahi mahi, guava, poi, and luau pork.  He played in the pool and on the sand.  He came back with a baby tan.  The trip was a success!  (And he didn’t cry during the wedding ceremony, not a peep!)

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