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…and then this happened.

November 2, 2012

another one bites the dust.

This morning I was trying to do 400 things to get out the door for my work day.  This usually entails making some sort of breakfast, entertaining an overactive 10 month old, getting myself ready, and trying to drink as much coffee as possible in the process.  This beast can’t function without her quota of caffeine.  I let the baby play in the bathroom while I was getting ready, which was a major fail all on its own (he likes to play with toilet water), but I thought it would be quick and we could be on our way.  Our daycare day is hectic at best, especially when you decided to share a bottle of wine in your front yard because it was Halloween the night before.  I figured I would be in and out in 14 seconds, just needed to get some mascara on and we could be out the door.  I turned around to tell him not to play in the toilet/grab the soap/destroy the toilet paper and something horrible happened.  My trusty hair straightener met her death.  This isn’t the first time she’s experienced tragedy.  After her trip to Europe, (such a good little traveler) she fell off the same counter and came apart.  I patched her up with some hockey tape, and we were on our way.  This time, not so lucky.  Her poor little plate fell off.  I can’t tape that back on.  Now I am doomed with crazy hair, just in time for the rainy season.  Yayyyyy…

I can’t even bring myself to throw her away.  It’s too soon.

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