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October 29, 2012

Dudes, for real.  Traveling with a baby can really mess up naps.  And as anyone knows, naps are extremely important.  Not only for the growth and health of your kid (yada, yada), but for the SANITY of the people who brought them onto this planet.  We went to Hawaii, oh I don’t know, 3 weeks ago, and Jack basically didn’t really nap until late last week.  I felt like the ship was sinking, and I was losing my mind.  I wasn’t getting anything done, and he was incredibly cranky.  I guess the fact that teething is in full force (really? can the teeth just come out already?) doesn’t help the situation, but still.  Naps are vitally important to my well being.  I mean Jack’s well being.  Whatever, you know what I mean.

It took a lot of work.  But I feel like we’re back to a good place.  Until further notice.


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