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daycare…not there.

October 22, 2012

Fall is so delightful.  It makes me want to curl up with a big mug of hot chocolate, a nice cozy blanket and a good book.  While my reality is a bit different, I am enjoying fall all the same.  Today, I am beginning a new workout regimen, as well as rolling (back out) our healthy eating plan.  I got a little off track with the traveling/working weird hours/lack of time for grocery shopping, but it’s all about balancing priorities, right?

Speaking of priorities…We have been trying to find a daycare for Jack, which is proving to be impossible.  What is with that?  It would seem that no one is interested in taking a kid part time, (it’s 3 days per week) and that’s IF they call back or email back.  I promise he’ll be good!  I’ve been looking for almost 2 months now, and nothing has come up.  This is pretty awkward, considering I have to begin work in a month.  Who wouldn’t want to spend 3 days per week with this handsome face?  (The one in the dinosaur jammies.) 


Anyway, this is causing me major stress because a) mama needs to work and b) jack needs to play with other kids.  (And apparently, while BC itself has no age limit on who can stay home alone, I think leaving a 10 month old is pretty inappropriate.)  Anyone have any suggestions? 


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  1. October 22, 2012 11:22 am

    I would stay home with that cute face! Maybe we need to get serious about an IYT daycare!

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