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Review! Nic & Elli Cloth Diapers

October 13, 2012

Before Jack was born, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers.  For me, it’s a mixture of environment and cost savings, and those cloth diapers are cute as hell.  Why not?  I did a ton of research (as a pregnant person does) and decided on Bum Genius, Grovia & Tweedlebugs.  I picked them based on price, reviews and suggestions from friends.  I like them all for different reasons, but I do have to say, I love the pocket diapers the best.  (If you’re new to cloth diapering, or are just wondering what the hey a pocket diaper is, it’s basically a diaper with a pocket that you insert an absorbent liner into.)

I was in search of a few more diapers, but I had some new criteria.  I wanted to a) not break the bank, and b) find someone close so I didn’t have to order online and pick up in the states.  I went to the Cloverdale Kid’s Swap and met Yvonne of Nic and Elli.  She has adorable pocket diapers in great colours, and the thing I like best about them, is that they fit more slim.  This means we can get pants on over them, people!  Nic & Elli, FTW!  The inside of the diaper is lined with a super soft fleece, and the insert is made of fluffy as a cloud micro fleece.  The outer layer is made of a soft and stretchy PUL (cloth diaper speak for pee won’t end up on the outside).  These diapers are one size, meaning they fit from 6lbs, up to 35lbs.  How can you say no to that awesomeness??  We’ve been using these diapers for a couple of weeks now.  We have the kid who pees a lot, and I’m happy to report that we’ve had no leaks of any kind.  They’ve washed up perfect, and these suckers can even go in the dryer at a low temp.  Safe to say, I feel really good about this!

The best part about Nic & Elli, is that the fun doesn’t just stop at cloth diapers.  No!  Yvonne also rocks out the bibs, wet bags (my personal fave), blankets, loveys, change pads and reusable diaper liners.  Check out her website for all of this amazing goodness:

It gets better, kiddos.  For the month of October only N & E is running a ‘Don’t Tell My Husband Sale’.  She’s my kind of girl!  Yvonne is offering cloth diapers and wet bags for $7 each.  SEVEN DOLLARS.  You can thank me later, but right now, hop on your Facebook and ‘LIKE’ Nic & Elli.  Then PM her with your order, and she will invoice you via Paypal.  Tell her we sent you!

Check out Jack in his cute grape purple dipe!  Excuse the photo, he doesn’t sit still…

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