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no. NO. no.

August 20, 2012

So.  We’ve arrived.  He moves and he moves towards things that I never thought he would.  And after a lot of rearranging and moving totally breakable or harmful items, we are left with things that I refuse to move because I think kids should learn boundaries.  Maybe I’m doing it all wrong, and perhaps I’m making it so much harder for myself, but there are things Jack isn’t allowed to touch, and I’m not just going to give in and move them.

Now we’ve reached the no phase.  I’ve heard of this.  I’ve heard of people talk about how they want to put a positive spin on the word no or at least come up with different phrases in order to avoid saying flat-out no so many times.  I’m sticking with a good old-fashioned no.   NO.  You can’t touch the cable cord.  No, you can’t eat the curtains. No, you can’t grab the stuff on the lower shelf.  No, no, no.

It’s not going very well.  He’s an active boy who doesn’t seem to care too much about what I say to him.  I grab his hand and say, “Jack, NO.”  And he does one of two things.  He either laughs at me (which is super annoying, but so cute, and really, what do you do?) or he cries.  Two extremes.  The laughing at no definitely comes from me.  Sorry, Mom. But you know it’s true.  And I’d say the no and crying must come from Chris.  I always say no to watching dumb football games and I SWEAR he sheds tears.  Do you just keep going the same way?  I’m afraid I will get tired of saying no, and then I will stop, and he will grow up to be a big jerk.  Which actually motivates me to keep telling him no.  Oh man.  What a fun time this is!

whaddaya have up here?

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