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FIVE months.

June 20, 2012

Late.  Again.  I suck at this!

Dear Jack,

You’re five months old!  Wowsa!  I can’t believe how incredibly fast time flew by, and how much you have grown since you were born.  You now weigh 20 pounds and are about 28-30 inches long.  It’s really hard to measure you, because you don’t like to sit still, or lay still or be still EVER.  You learned to roll over (all over), so becoming mobile is going to happen really, really soon.

You have a tooth.  Then you don’t have one.  Then you do.  Then you don’t.  We can see it, but it hasn’t fully busted out yet.  You have been eating and loving all of the food you’ve tried so far.  You’ve had peaches, sweet potato, potatoes, apples, pears, carrots (major fail), mango and honey-dew.  And of course the regulars, rice and oats.  You take eating really seriously…

You love being babysat by your cousins, aunt and Grammy.  You had one week where you just weren’t sure about other people, but you seemed to get over it pretty fast.

You have the best laughs in the world, you’re super ticklish and you LOVE your baths so much.  Hopefully we can take you swimming soon.

Oh!  And your bald spot is starting to fill right in.  🙂  Hopefully you will have a full head of hair soon!

Love you so much, baby!



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