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all in a name…

June 20, 2012

This is bad.  But we rarely call our kid by his given name.  By doing this, I am convinced he might not even know his name for sure, and it’s going to be really confusing and awkward when he can talk and someone asks him his name.  Based on what’s happening lately, he might think his name is NoJack!  or GentleJack! after his outlandish goals to slobber the remotes to death or pummel the cats with his baby death grip.  Every parent has a nickname for their kid.  Most of them are the same.  If you haven’t noticed, all parents seem to call their kid Monkey at some point in its life.  (Occasionally we do too.)  Which I think is funny, because I haven’t seen a lot of babies swinging from trees.  Perhaps it’s derived from the playing with poop?  Some other popular ones: bear, boo, bug…the list goes on.  Either way, I know if I had to choose animal nicknames, they’d go in this order:

Sloth – newborn lump phase

Bat – I only sleep in the day phase

Fly on the wall – I am aware of everything, but I can do nothing about it.

Wolverine – I can move, and attack anything.  I have claws (because my nails grow at hyper speed) and my prey isn’t limited to anything.  I will gum down whatever you leave on the floor, and hey, order a new remote, because it WILL be mine!!!

Chris always says when Jack is upset, it’s like a wild animal is in our house.  The sounds, the flailing…We’re keeping something in captivity that clearly wants out.  Well, I thought I should share our list of nicknames, in case I let one slide, and someone’s like, “okay, what did you just call your kid?  I thought his name was Jack?”

Tiny Cheese – Obviously, the name of the blog.  We’ve shortened it.  We now call him Tiny or Tines.  It’s kind of an ironic nickname, because he’s not very tiny.

Maille – I don’t even know why.  Something about mustard and the baby and getting the wires crossed.  Maille.  So weird, right?  But it works!

Tines Goose – Maybe I’m giving too much of our weird lives away?  When we got our cat Angus, we started calling him Gus.  It didn’t really work, and kind of morphed into The Goose.  So now, everything has Goose after it.  Tines Goose.  Mom Goose.  Dad Goose.  Weird.

JackJack Attack!! – It’s from the Incredibles, but I feel like they aren’t far off.  I’m sure if JW had honed in on his lasers-shooting-from-eyes ability, our house would be a singed mess.  Hopefully he doesn’t have the genes.  Which obviously he doesn’t…because we aren’t cartoons.  Ehh…

So that’s a strange little bit about our lives. Tines and I are going to enjoy the sunshine today, maybe have a little swing on the swings before mama takes a drive into the big city to be a big girl and work for the afternoon.

Hope y’all have a good day!


I eat anything that moves. watch it.

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  1. Irene permalink
    June 20, 2012 8:56 pm

    you should add “petit chou” to the mix! He will be French one day, non?

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