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June 11, 2012

I got a lot of support from my last post.  It seems as though my tiny little world of confusion about what the hey to wear is common for a lot of us.  That makes me feel a lot better.  The re-invention of Steph’s wardrobe will commence when she has a full-time job.  So sweats it is.  Mat leave blows.

Anyway, I have some pieces of good news!  I have been working on developing something called a rhythm schedule, which will allow me to get to blogging way more often.  Cause let’s face it…twice per month kinda sucks.  And I really do love writing, I just fell of the wagon  little bit.  Sometimes writing takes a bit of motivation, which I seemed to have been lacking.  Well, world, here I am.  Motivated!

My mom and I (well, more me) had a plan to do some sewing projects while we were together.  My mom went to fashion school and can bang out projects from scratch (and properly too) which really helps.  That and my sewing machine is on the fritz right now.  Anyway, I finally made myself a big ol’ wetbag!  This is essential for cloth diapers, as you can zip it up and it keeps the smell and wetness inside.  It’s great for travelling or just stashing in their rooms until it’s time for the wash.  It took all of 45 mins and cost about $12 to make.  (The most expensive part was actually the zipper!)

Check it out:

In other news, Jack is no longer terrified of Sophie.  We can resume with the toys that squeak.

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