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four months!

May 4, 2012

Dear Jack,

You are growing so fast!  I can’t believe how much everything is changing.  You’ve grown so much.  They say you’re supposed to double your birth weight by 4 months, and you’ve almost achieved it.  Since you were supposed to be born three weeks before you actually were, I think you probably got a pretty good head start! You weigh 19lbs, and you’re about 28 inches long.  I can’t really measure you, because you don’t really stay still for long!  You’re rocking the 6-12 month clothes, and have outgrown almost all of your sleepers, so we’ve moved on to two piece pyjamas.

You love the Jolly Jumper, your exersaucer and sitting like a big guy in your new ‘highchair’.  You eat rice cereal and the other day you tried sweet potatoes for the first time.  You like eating (obviously) and your spoon is your favourite new toy.  Your ability to grab stuff amazes me, and you get better at it every day.  We’re pretty convinced you’re left-handed (just like your dad!) because it’s the hand you reach with all the time.   You can roll over both ways now, and sometimes you get stuck.  We’ll work on that.

Bathtime is your favourite time of the day!  You are too crazy in there and wiggle your way off of your little bath ‘ramp,’ so it’s time to learn to sit up soon!

You still love your music class very much, and thankfully we’re learning some new songs to sing with you, which you LOVE.  You seriously hate your car seat with a passion, but if I sing to you while I strap you in, it’s all good.

You’re on the right path, kid.  You really like watching hockey on TV.  I can’t wait to get you your first hockey stick…sooner than later!

I can’t wait for what month 5 brings, every day you do something new and awesome.

Love you so much, baby boy!




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