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best apps for moms

April 22, 2012

I might go ahead and name my next kid Steve Jobs Wagner.  The invention of the iPhone has made my ascent into motherhood extremely lovely, and I don’t know what people do without them.  I don’t.  I used to be a Blackberry user.  Pshhhh…Blackberry.  It’s like a cupcake without icing.  Which is basically just a muffin.  Why have a muffin when you can have icing???

I thought I’d compile a list of amazing apps that have gotten me through the last four months, aside from using the browser to shakily type in ‘what does it mean when…’ insert baby issue here.  Or call my mom.  Or text.  Although I often lose it in the bottom of the stroller or diaper bag, it’s become a member of my wolf pack.  There’s a lot of waiting in my life.  Waiting for the baby to wake up.  Waiting for him to go to sleep.  Waiting for the dryer.  Waiting for an email.  So…I keep myself entertained.  And this is how I do it!

TWITTER – there isn’t anything better than knowing what your favourite celebrities are doing at 4am.  It’s a great time to catch up with people you’re basically freely allowed to stalk while you’re trying to feed the baby in the wee hours of the morning.  Since all of the trashy celebrities I care about are also old now, there usually isn’t a lot to read in the middle of the night.  Get a Twitter account and follow me!  @steph_wags

BLOGLOVIN’ – If you’re like me, you follow a lot of blogs and discover more every day.  Bloglovin’ puts them all in one place, so you can read the newest posts all at once.  Guess what?  You can follow The Tiny Cheese!

PINTEREST – I find Pinterest to be a little slow on iPhone, but it’s a great time waster for sure.

VANCITY MOBILE BANKING – Between my work, laundry, errands, personal hygiene and caring for my son, there isn’t a lot of time to devote to staying on top of my banking.  Vancity’s app lets you check balances, make transfers, pay bills and view activity.  Pretty sweet.

INSTAGRAM – Who doesn’t want to share adorable photos of your little bambino with the world?  Link it up with Facebook or Twitter and you can just feed everyone spoonfuls of sweet baby cuteness.  I also use it to edit my photos.  It’s a great app…very user friendly.

REMINDERS – With the latest upgrade, Apple gave us all the Reminders app.  USE IT.  It’s super easy to add new things, gives you the option to set alerts and you can check stuff off of your to do list and flip back to the completed items.  You know, so you can prove that you did something other than change diapers for the last 12 hours.

GLOBAL -Watch TV shows.  Personally, I like to escape to the bath after Jack has gone to bed and Chris is watching whatever sport on TV and watch shows I would never get to watch otherwise.

CTV – Like Global, only they have the show representing my life right now, Up All Night.  It’s so funny.  And since forever, Christina Applegate has been one of my faves.

iDREAM – If your kid is a Sleep Sheep junkie like mine, then you’re going to be mad that you forgot it when you’re trying to get him to sleep on the run.  iDream is basically a sound machine app.  I literally put him to bed with my phone.  And it works.

And of course…I’m a crazy freak with my camera.  I have like 1200 photos of him.  I think I’m a little crazy.  But he’s just so cute!

What are YOUR favourite apps?

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