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March 17, 2012

I love music.  I love going to shows, I love hearing new bands and spending hours on the internet finding new artists.  Sometimes I find myself getting a little anxious, thinking that there is a possibility Jack will appreciate the music I like and will want to share it with me.  When I was growing up, my dad liked really great music (Alice in Chains, yes please.) and I was fortunate enough to be able to share that with him.  That and music trivia, which I was able to use to publicly shame my husband with in a contest a couple of years back.  He’ll tell you I got lucky, but whatever, it wasn’t luck.

This also brings me to this…one day my kid is going to think I’m a giant dork.  He might already, but he can’t talk, so I still have the upper hand.  (How could you not think that with people staring at you with gaping smiles all day?  Seriously.)  I’m kind of okay with him thinking that.  But what if all he wants to listen to is LMFAO?  Is it possible to shield your children from music genres?  Obviously there are more pressing issues, like safety, personal hygiene and manners.

I try to play him as much of my music as I can.  I want to give him the opportunity to explore so many amazing genres and music cultures.   Maybe if he’s exposed to it in infancy, he will love it forever.  I can only hope.  He’s starting a little music class in two weeks.  I hope he loves it.  🙂


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