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TWO months!

March 5, 2012

Dear Jack,

Hooray!  You made it to two months.  We finally figured out how to make your life a little more comfortable, and since last Friday, you’ve been pretty happy.  For the first two months of your life, you were pretty cranky.  Driving the grump truck, if you will.  Now you seem to be pretty happy with being awake.

You like to smile a lot, which is really cute.  Your whole face smiles, and you now make these really funny cooing sounds.  You laughed once too, which might have been something else, but it definitely sounded like laughing.  You sleep like a champ and you now eat about 6 times per day.  Dairyland thanks you.  You’ve also cut it down to about 30 minutes, which compared to an hour and fifteen minutes, is really nice.  You aren’t stoked on crowds of people, but I’m sure you’ll get used to it.  I’ve never noticed it so much before, but we’re definitely the more the merrier, let’s get loud kinds of people.  You love the bath, but pretty much hate getting out.  Sorry.  We can’t leave you in there forever!

You now weigh 14 pounds, and you’re about 25″ long.  In short, you’re huge.  I can’t imagine you any other way!  Your cheeks are so chubby and I think you might get upwards of 900 kisses per day on those suckers.  You love flailing your arms, and getting super upset when you kick your own blankets off during naptime.  You’re just starting to hold stuff, and you’re pretty stoked on your toys.  You like to smile at them, although I’m not sure you know what to do.  It’s okay…you’ll get there!  You’re rocking the 6 month clothing, and a lot of it is for summer, so you like to layer.  You went to Tulameen for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and you had some time with your cousin, which you really loved.  You two were pretty happy to be staring at each other.

You’re growing and changing so much right now, and you do something new every day!  We love you lots and can’t imagine our life without you.  Love you so much, tiny!



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  1. Cassandra permalink
    March 6, 2012 12:24 am

    He’s the cutest kid ever. I am so glad you get to enjoy being a mom to a happy baby now. What a relief. Good job momma! He’s a doll! xoxoxox

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