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our week away in a snow filled wonderland

February 19, 2012

Since my dad hadn’t seen Jack since the day he was born, we decided to take a little trip to the cabin to see him.  We packed up (which is exhausting with an infant, and takes basically a day in itself) and headed back with my mom.  Along the way, her car started making a funny sound and black smoke started coming out of the back.  Not so good.  Luckily, my brother was just leaving as well and wasn’t too far in front of us, and headed back to rescue us.

As it turned out, Jack and I ended up going to the cabin with my brother, who was generous enough to share his wife and baby with us for the week as well!  It was really fun to have Kelsey and Quinn with us, and the four of us spent a great week together.  It was so cold, and we didn’t end up spending any time outside.

Jack and Quinn definitely love each other already.  When she cried, he looked around all frantically for her, and when he cried, she put her little hand on him.  So adorable!  They had some good quality time staring at each other, and Quinn let Jack borrow her playmat, which he was definitely in love with.  Points for any quiet time…

Some exciting new developments…Jack can pretty much hold up his head now, which is nice.  He never really had newborn floppy head (maybe because he has like, four chins holding him up), but he’s definitely more stable now!  He’s pretty scheduled in and it seems to be working well for us.  He sleeps a lot during the day, and is holding pretty strong at his 7:30/8pm bedtime.  He loves smiling, and is just getting stoked on staring at his toys.  🙂  Every new thing is so exciting, and it’s going by so fast!

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  1. Deb permalink
    February 19, 2012 2:01 am

    Love your stories Steph! Wish I would have seen those babies – next time!

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