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key lime pie.

February 5, 2012

I have to share my joy with the rest of the world.  I am really lucky.  Chris is a really good cook and enjoys cooking…but let’s face it.  He’s chump change compared to his sister Lindsay.  That woman can cook.  When Lindsay invites you over for dinner, you go.  It’s always awesome.

About six months ago, Lindsay and Greg decided to have a dessert making contest. The rest of the family had to judge it.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pick, I mean, dessert is my vice and it’s all beautiful to me.  (Think about how people think all children are miracles.  Well, every dessert is a miracle to me. Maybe not my thighs, but whatever.)  The contenders?  A lemon meringue pie (Greg) and a key lime pie (Linds).  Okay.  I know it takes a lot to make meringue.  It’s a talent that not all possess.  So points for that.  But when it’s up against homemade candied lime rinds and homemade toasted coconut?  It’s a clear victory for key lime.  Sorry, Uncle Greg.

This key lime pie is in my dreams.  I hoped it would resurface one day.  It’s a lot of work to make such a perfect pie, and that perfection can’t be rushed.  Here’s my favourite thing about life.  Amazing things happen to you when you’re least expecting it.  Jack and I made our way out to Surrey last night for a visit and dinner with Auntie and Uncle.  We had a delicious dinner, great conversation and just a nice visit with the fam.  It came time for dessert.  Lindsay had that smile (you sneaky mom!!!)…and then it happened.  Key lime pie!!!!!!  It was as good as I remembered it.  Maybe better. This is what’s left of it.  Don’t tell Chris, but it’s hiding in a nondescript container in the fridge, and I don’t plan on sharing.

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