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one month old!

February 4, 2012

dear jack,

you’ve made it through your first month of life! for the most part, you’re a pretty happy guy. you like it when you get lots of sleep and so do we!  you really love being in the car and your stroller, although you aren’t really a fan of your carseat. you really like to sleep with a blanket over your face, which is kind of weird, but whatever makes you sleep! you are scared to death of Sophie le Giraffe’s squeaking and cry as soon as you hear it, which is hilarious! you pretend to loathe baths, but I think you really like them. silly baby.

you scream a lot, which is kind of hard to deal with, but you really like your gripe water and that seems to make you happy. you’re not a fan of being bounced or swinging, but you do like snuggles and listening to Adele. (weird, I know. the iPod was on shuffle and she came on and you stopped crying. then you listened to her entire cd with your mouth open. weirdo!)

you weigh 12lbs, and are 24 inches long. sorry pal, but you don’t really fit anything, you’re in between 3-6 month clothes, but lots of stuff is too wide and not long enough. you started smiling about a week ago, which is really cute. so far, you’re a pretty rad baby to hang out with all day, although it’s still pretty surreal and I wonder sometimes when your ‘mom’ will be coming to pick you up.

I love you lots, and tha bonding thing everyone talks about?  it finally happened.  love you, buddy.



(how much do you love the one finger up for one month? yowza!)

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  1. Janet Lazare permalink
    February 7, 2012 8:11 pm

    I have to ask – why tiny cheese? I sense a story in the name. Please enlighten. Love the pictures of Jack!

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